Hair and Fur  for Tangled and Brave and Zootopia

Pixar’s animators and their technological counterparts have looked ways to make the animated world look like real world. Pixar developed an entirely new hair stimulation software- known as Taz.used for  movies like Zooptopia, Tangled, Brave to name a few.

For Brave and Tangled; the hair required much greater hair-to-hair collision, which means it needed to look more flowy and full. Hair was modeled using series of mass and springs and to avoid tangling or stiffness of hair. With this new software, hairs would be dealt with as one group and the hair stimulation could be multi threaded. That’s in turn would solve the daunting task to make hair stimulation look real.


Dealing with fur was another challenging task for animators to create verisimilitude of an animal only body in the movie Zoopotia. The fur technology makes animals look realistic and believable. Disney’s team of engineer’s introduced- iGroom; which helps shape about 2.5 million hairs. It is a fur-controlling tool, which has never used before. This software gave animators tonnes of flexibility. They could play with the fur, give it texture, fluffiness- brush it, shape it and shade it. You can push fur around and find the form you want.



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