CAT Rigs

CAT (Character Animation Toolkit) is a character-animation plug-in for 3ds Max. CAT facilitates character rigging, non-linear animation, layering animation, motion capture import, muscle simulation and more.

The CATRig is the hierarchy that defines the CAT skeletal animation system. It is a flexible character rig that is designed to let you create the characters you want without having to write scripts. It is also adds speed and sophistication to rigging.

The CATRig character keeps the structure as generic as possible. This is enabled by the CAT’s modular composition design. This a key feature that makes it flexible tool. It is this flexibility that allows users to add and remove different rig elements to get the exact skeleton you need for your character.

Each rig has its procedural walk-cycle system,own layered animation system, and pose/chip system. Each rig element also combines geometry with special capabilities specific to its function.


Animating with CATrig

CAT’s FK/IK rig-manipulation system lets you push and pull the rig parts into your desired pose, whether in IK or FK. Walk-cycle sequences, CATMotion allows you to create customized walk cycle and direct the character around the scene. No need to place individual footsteps.


Animation is created in CAT’s nonlinear animation (NLA) system. This is made possible by the Layer Manager. One of the key advantages of CAT’s NLA system is that you work directly in an animation layer. You do not need to to go back out and tweak the source animation elsewhere


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