Face Morphs:

Morphing but can be used to change the shape of any 3D model. It is also used for lip sync and facial expression on a 3D character. The modifier provides many channels for morph materials and targets.

Morpher modifier is used to change the shape of a patch, mesh, or NURBS model. You can morph World Space FFDs and shapes (splines). The Morpher modifier also supports material morphing.

Facial Animation

Create a character’s head in an “at rest” pose to achieve lip sync and facial animation. The head can be a patch, mesh, or NURBS model. Modify and Copy the head to create the facial-expression and lip-sync targets. Select the “at rest” head and apply the Morpher modifier.

Morph Targets for Speech animation

Speech animation uses nine mouth-shape targets. You might want to create extra morph targets to cover additional mouth shapes in case your character speaks an alien dialect.

Include cheek, nostril, and chin-jaw movement when creating mouth-position targets. Examine your own face in a mirror. You can also put a finger on your face while mouthing the phonemes to establish the direction and extent of cheek motion.

Expression: Morph Targets

For a character, create as many expression targets as necessary. Sadness, Joy, sadness, evil, surprise, can all have own targets. Depending on the personality of the character, like a happy target, may not be necessary.



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