MassFX for 3ds Max enables you to add realistic physics simulations to your project. This plug-in makes 3ds Max-specific workflows, using modifiers and helpers to annotate the simulation aspects of your scene.

MassFX uses rigid bodies: During the simulation these objects do not change shape. the rigid bodies can be one of three types:

  • Kinematic:Kinematic objects are animated using standard methodsThey can also be stationary objects. A Kinematic object cannot be affected by dynamic objects in the simulation but can affect them. A Kinematic object can switch over to Dynamic status during the simulation.
  • Dynamic:The motion of Dynamic objects is controlled by the simulation. They are subject to gravity and forces that result from being struck by other objects in the simulation.
  • Static:Static objects are like Kinematic objects but cannot be animated. However, they can be concave, unlike Dynamic and Kinematic objects.

MassFX additional features:

  • TheMassFX Visualizer displays simulation factors such as contact points and object velocities. This feature is key for debugging simulations.
  • MassFX Explorerworks with MassFX simulations. It is a special version of Scene Explorer.

Use constraints (Eg such as with a hinged door) to allow objects to restrict each other’s motion.



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