Skybox in Games

Skybox is a panoramic texture drawn behind all objects in games represent the background or great distance. E.G The sky.

Skybox helps sets the mood and atmosphere of the world you’ve built.

Understanding skyboxes

A skybox is split into six textures representing six directions visible along the main axes (up, down, forward, backward, left and right). The six directions offer a panoramic view. After skybox is generated, the texture images will fit together seamlessly at the edges to give a continuous surrounding image. This can be viewed from “inside” in any direction. The panorama is behind all other objects in the scene. It rotates to match orientation of the camera. A skybox is an easy way to add realism to a scene. It puts minimal load on the graphics hardware.


Skyboxes consist of six panels. They fold together and form a seamless scene in every direction. With skyboxes it is easy to just drag-and-drop simplicity. Here’s how easy it is to add to any game:

  1. Take the models (linked below) from the catalog
  2. In Studio, click Insert > My Models
  3. Select the skybox you want to apply and click it to improve the look of your game

Skybox in Unity

the Standard Assets package in unity comes with a number of high-quality skyboxes (menu: Assets > Import Package > Skyboxes).


The skybox is a material using one of the shaders from the RenderFX submenu. If you choose the Skybox shader, you will see an inspector like the following, with six samaplers for the textures:-


The Skybox Cubed shader requires the textures to be added to a cubemap asset (menu: Assets > Create > Cubemap).





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