Color Corrections


Color correction is a vital part in the postproduction. It refers to the process where every individual clip is altered and corrected to match the color temperature of multiple shots.  Color is fundamental in design and visual story telling, as it conveys much more than story telling. This tool is vital for postproduction as it balances the colors, making the whites actually appear white and the black appear black.

The goal of doing so is to match the video footage as to a standards set by the visualizer and the colors as viewed by the human eye.

Also if the shot is outdoors, the exposure of sun and the time spent in sun is going to change the temperature of the video and will make the clip brighter than the rest. And this is why color correction is so important as it will make your shots seamless and make your video look like they have been shot at the same time.

Color corrections can be done using primary and secondary tools. This tool has been used in many action movies like Transformers, Black Hawk and many horror movies like The Ring and Saw; to make the movie look more natural and closer to the way human eye views the object.



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