The past week has seen a lot of ups & downs. Negotiations with the printer I had finalized fell through & I had to go scurrying around looking for a new printer. I was lucky to find another with some help from people at such a short notice.

However, they are located about 60kms from where I am & I had to make a trip down to sit & finalize stuff with them. We did a tiny test print of the head & my nightmarish suspicions came true. The feathers on the head were too thin & although they did print, some of them broke during the post process of cleaning & curing. Clearly this wasn’t going to work & so I had to redesign my headgear to be more in line with what the printer could handle rather than how I would’ve liked them.

I also had to break up my model into 6 pieces vs the original printing it in just one piece. This had me learn how to cut up the models & put in keys which is great since I did want to learn that & I’m hoping it’ll make the painting process easier. So the model looks like the below broken up with some keys built in.


My husband, Pallav, also did a great job building me an airbrush painting booth so I’m ready with my next stage of production once the model is back from the printers. I also have my airbrush, the compressor & my paint mixing bottles all set to be filled with colours & get started. Can’t wait though I must admit I do have a few butterflies in my stomach just at the thought of it 🙂