This week started with a restful longish weekend. I also had a few Freelance projects to complete with very short timelines.

One of them particularly was interesting. A notable chain of clinics in Abu Dhabi wanted to do something different for their internal awards this year. They wanted to try 3D printed awards rather than the regular glass etched with their names. So I ended up giving them some design idea sketches.


Based on the above they chose one. I created a basic 3d Model for the same & gave them a rendered picture to give them an idea of what it would look like.


We won the order on the basis of the above render. Now I had to design icons for each category of the award (13 categories) & model each of those along with the base model. I also made the artwork for the UV Printing ready in Illustrator. Once the pieces were 3D printed, I airbrush painted all the pieces & assembled them.

The assembly part of this was tedious since it involved very small pieces & needed a lot of precision, but overall I enjoyed it thoroughly.

On the winona project front, I managed to complete the base painting. I did the skin tones & then after masking (which took forever given the complexity of the model) I did the clothes & boots etc.

The renders are going fine & should be done soon.