This was a hectic week. Last week & a lot to cram in. I finished the model finally and am super excited on how she has turned out. I managed to complete the base & all the weathering etc to smaller things. I also took a decision to add real cloth, feathers & leather trimmings. Fixing her onto the base was tricky given I didn’t have too much surface area of contact points. However, have managed though she is slightly precarious. Overall I am happy with the way things turned out. I am not putting a picture in as i want to leave this as a surprise unveil.

Renders were also done & collected. Post processing was done though again I am not very happy with the results. This seems to be another area I am weak at. Also realized my ZDepth settings were not done properly so lacking that aspect in the final video.

I spent a considerable time preparing my making of video. This was something I personally wanted to do as I wanted to be able to put this up on my site. I liked the way this turned out & all the days when having the camera in my way while working was annoying, paid off.


The acrylic case for the model is ready & I am all set for the showcase next week. Taking this weekend off as I feel I deserve a break.