Almost at the end of the trimester & it is time to reflect.

This trimester has been one of the most challenging but also exciting & fun filled for me personally. A few highlights were:

  1. Research: Since I wanted to do something that I had not attempted before, I did a little research. Initially I kept in mind that it should be simple enough for me to make successfully as the workflow was quite unknown. Some of the designs I came up with were:


After discussions with my mentor we narrowed down on the below.



The thought behind the character’s costume was to keep it so that I could show off some of the anatomy as that was another thing I wanted to focus on. For posing it was going to be a dynamic pose but trying to keep all limbs as apart as possible just so we dont face problems while printing etc.

Untitled_Artwork (2)

As part of my research I have been following Weta worshop & trying to read up how they manage to make it into such a success. Jon Troy nickel, is another artist I follow who has been a part of Weta workshop & has worked on projects such as WOW. He has a twitch channel where he live streams his work & his WIP videos. That has been a great eye opener & helped me in my process.


  1. Solo Project: Although I was warned of the pitfalls of taking on a solo project, I have been very happy with my decision. I did have to play all roles & some aspects of the workflow such as pre-production & post-processing are not my areas of strength & I did have difficulties managing on my own, I did not regret my decision. I am aware that everyone has their areas of strengths & that is why a team that comes together with complimentary skill sets can be a big advantage, I feel that in my case of working in a college project environment, I work better solo as my goals & objectives from a project are very different from what the general group of students have. I could do with more collaborations in these areas but since I do have all umbrella outcomes to fulfil I need to do these myself. However, in a real world scenario I would collaborate with people for these aspects.


  1. Workflow: I will definitely keep in mind about starting base meshes either in 3Ds Max or definitely keeping retopology as a part of the workflow so that I can plan for them. When I started this trimester, my focus was completely on getting the product successfully done in terms of 3D printing. This was complete unknown territory. This was also the 1st time I was working with ZBrush & definitely had never moved meshes between the 2 softwares. Hence, I didn’t preempt the issues with high polygons, normals, unwrapping & rendering at all. Although I had kept buffers in my project plan, which is what saved me in the end, next time I will work these aspects into the plan.


  1. Personal Learning Curve: This has by far been the highlight of the whole project. The learning curve has been tremendous & I am most happy about that. Of course there are always tons of stuff that one still needs to learn, but the amount I have achieved this time has been great. Some of the learnings helped me break into the freelance market & that helped boost my confidence multifold.


Overall, this trimester has been just perfect, with all it’s learnings & achievements. I look forward to the next one now.