Welcome to my journey of trimester4. This trimester I will be working on my own & a project that has me very excited. I’m sure working on my own will come with it’s fair share of challenges as well as positives. More on that as the trimester progresses.

Now onto this trimester’s project. I am aiming to create my own fictional character. This will include designing the concept, modelling the same, 3D printing it & finally physically painting it. This process involves a lot of new aspects & unknown territories for me & hence the learning curve will be pretty steep.

To start with the modelling, I shall primarily be using ZBrush & this week itself, there were a few concepts I came across that were interesting.

One such was using Morph Targets. Morph Targets, is a handy tool to help store the configuration of the geometry as a baseline to switch back to later. Eg: I needed help to choose polygons on the face on the inside of the lips to create polygroups for easier reposing. For this I created a morph target of the original shape & then smoothened the face to distort it until the gap between the lips grew far enough for me to select the polygons easily & create the polygroups for the top & bottom of the face along the jaw line. Once this was done, I clicked on the switch button & it was back to the original position of the lips.

Another feature under the morph target is the Create Diff Mesh. This is the process of creating a mesh from the difference between the original morph target saved & the new mesh created. I used this technique to make the basic shape of the feathers for the headgear of my character.

For this I first created an alpha for the shape of the feather in photoshop. Post that in zbrush I stored a cube as a morph target.

Then I extracted the feather using the alpha.

Finally using create diff mesh I got the shape of the feather. I reset the pivot point to the center of the extracted mesh &  then mirrored on the other side & dynameshed together to get a feather.

This technique has been very handy to be able to create complex shapes very easily in a very fast manner.



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