To pick up from where I left last week, my success with trying to resolve the normal issues wasn’t very great. There are still some normals that are not working right but I will just have to move forward now & let them be as time is of essence. I need to get them into the render farm so that they can be rendered out in time.

The unwrapping plugin in zbrush is very convenient but I must admit, not very good as I have now learnt the hard way. Another learning: I should definitely factor in retopologising all meshes as a mandatory part of the workflow. This will definitely help with the normals issue along with making the unwrapping process easier & much cleaner.

I got 3 shots done as part of my demo reel & had to clean up the scenes as otherwise it was just too heavy. Apart from the base body mesh all other subtools were made into low poly & normal maps were applied.

The effect I achieved with mental ray lighting wasn’t par excellence & this is something I will have to take up as my personal learning. A rendering software is a must. I am however considering VRay due to it’s agility & shorter render time.

I was able to get my scenes into the render farm but now fingers remain crossed that they happen in time.

The time, effort & patience that was needed for this stage of getting things working in 3Ds Max has left me drained & severely stressed. As a result I need to take a 2 day break from all of this as I feel completely burnt out.

So I took some time off towards the end of the week to re-energize myself to be able to get back into the game with a bang again.