Dr Strange Animation


Doctor Strange is a American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics.  His character is a usually gifted neosurgeon who only loved money and is a sorcerer with many super powers.

As an animator what makes Doctor Strange stand out from both the Marvel universe and many other blockbuster competitors are the spectacular trippy visual effects.. It’s a journey through time, space, the astral plane and something called the ‘mirror dimension’ in which the reality folds according to the will of the movie’s heroes and villians.  The space and landscapes become increasingly distorted to the general public. That means the roads and the skyscrapers, roads of new york  surrounds are constantly being folded and warped, ultimately creating an effect of kaleidoscopics array of buildings that are harder to escape.

Marvel studios got ILM to make those insane bending buildings in Doctor Strange. The final visual effects were using Industrial Light and Magic, ILM, a visual effect tool used for many motion pictures like Star wars, Iron man, Matrix, Jurrasic park , Pirates of the Caribbean to name a few. ILM has been a constant innovator in visual effects especially digital.



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